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1.  Animations

       Click on links below to watch: 

Horsehead Nebula of Orion
Orion Nebula 
Interview With God   
The Universe Within - wow!


2.  Audio    - Click on links below to listen:
3ABN Radio -  listen live
3ABN Latino Radio - listen live in Spanish
           Adventist World Radio (AWR)

Adventist World Radio - in various languages

Audio Verse Sermons and Talks
Amazing Facts Archives  
Bible Gateway - Audio Bibles - listen in several languages
Bible Stories of the Passion  - listen to dramatized Bible Stories 
Bible Questions Answered by Doug Batchelor 
Bible Stories of the Passion 
Bible Universe Q's and A's
Children's Stories from VOP  
Christian Record Services
GYC Web presentations
Here We Stand Series  with Doug Batchelor 
Lifeline Podcasts - on health
Lifetalk  - Life Talk Radio - 24 hrs - music and talk live
Loren Fenton Sermon 1-11-14
Pathways of the Pioneers - dramatized stories
Radio 74 - from France
Revival Sermons with Pastor O'Ffill  
The Evidence
3.  Music 

3ABN Music ~~ listen
Abiding Radio  - click "Listen Now" - plays continuous music - choose from different styles
Digital Hymnal
 - listen to organ and piano music Heavenly Midis
Fountainview Academy Music

The Heralds - listen to samples
Heritage Singers 
Herman and Sonnie Harp
Hymn of the Day - listen 
Hymn of the Day - Archives
Hymn Stream - plays continuous music
Joe Pearles 
3ABN Music Video Mix

Hide It in Your Heart -Scripture Songs

        1. “UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN!” - Isaiah 9:6


        3. “ARISE AND SHINE!” - Isaiah 60:1-2

         4. “NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD!” - Romans 8:38-39

         5. “OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD!”- Romans 12:20-21

         6. “JESUS IS THE LIGHT THAT LEADS TO LIFE!”- John 8:12 

         7. “DO NOT DESPISE PROPHECIES!”- 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22


       18. “WORSHIP GOD IN TRUTH!”- Matthew 15:7-9


      43. “MAKE YOUR REQUESTS KNOWN TO GOD!” - Philippians 4:6-7

      44. “FEAR GOD & GIVE GLORY TO HIM!” - Revelation 14:6-7

      86. THE SABBATH IS A DELIGHT! - Isaiah 58:13-14

      87. JESUS ANSWERS BEFORE YOU CALL! - Isaiah 65:24

4.  Video   - click on links below to watch videos:

Funeral Service of Gary Lutz, Jr.   5-1-20

3ABN - Three Angels Broadcasting Network
ADRA International on YouTube
The Adventist Channel
Adventist Mission 
Adventist News Network

Adventist World Radio Videos
Adventist World Radio
Amazing Facts - Archives
Amazing Facts - You Tube
Angus Jones Interview on YouTube
Carter Report - Television 
Christian Record Services
Discover Video Bible Guides - with Lonnie Melashenko
Doug Batchelor Story  - scroll down to view his story 
Exploring The Word 
Faith For Today - with Mike Tucker
Heaven Is For Real - with Doug Batchelor
Here We Stand Series  with Doug Batchelor
Hope TV 
Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Appeal (2019)
Hyveth Williams Testimony - Surviving Abuse
Intersection -- Your Faith. Your World.
It Is Written TV
      Answers in Bible Prophecy series - with John Bradshaw

It Is Written - Every Word ~~ 1 minute daily devotionals with John Bradshaw
Laymen Ministries
LifeTalk Video
Lifestyle Magazine
Lifestyle Magazine Archives
Lifestyle Magazine Guests
Making Waves
Missions Today - Quiet Hour
Most Amazing Prophecies - Prophecy Seminar with Doug Batchelor
New Perceptions TV - Pioneer Memorial Church - Dwight Nelson
The Evidence
The Hope Channel - click on "View Online" to watch live 
The Hope Channel Archives - Sabbath School U 
The Quiet Hour - Mission Videos 
Secrets of Living Longer -- by National Geographic
White Horse Media - Steve Wohlberg videos

5.  Adventist Information Sites   
Adventist Ministries and Organizations
Adventist News
Advent Source
Columbia Union of SDA 
Ellen G. White Estate - Read and Search all E.G.White writings
General Conference of SDA - Official Statements
North American Division of SDA 
Ohio Conference of SDA 
Seventh-Day Adventist World News 
South Pacific SDA (Australia) 

6.  Bible Studies 
Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides
Amazing Prophecies Bible Study Guides
Bible  - Read the Holy Bible in several versions and languages
Bible Gateway - Research the Bible in many versions and languages
Bible Gateway - Old and New Testament Books and Chapters - Bible Information on many topics
Bible Prophecy Course 
Bible School
Bible Studies - Peacefinders site
Bible Study Tools 
Bible University
Daniel Prophecy Study series 
Discover Bible Guides 
Discover Bible School 
Discover Video Bible Guides 
Exploring The Word - Video
Free Bible Guides - You choose the course you want
Focus on Prophecy
Kid Zone Bible Guides
My Way to Jesus - New
Out of Thin Air - Shawn Boonstra
Present Truth Bible Courses 
Prophecy Code Seminar 
Prophecy Watch 
Read through your Bible in one year plan
Sabbath School Lessons 
Sabbath Truth

Topical Bible Studies  (You Choose)

Voice of Prophecy Bible Studies

7.  Featured Links
3ABN - 3 Angels Broadcasting Network

ADRA - Adventist Development and Relief Agency  
Adventist Book Center 
Adventist Colleges and Universities
Adventist Community Services
Adventist Frontier Missions

Adventist Media Ministries - including links

Adventist Missions 

Adventist Radio

Adventist Review Archives
Adventist Review Magazine
Adventist World Radio 
Adventist World Magazine

Amazing Facts Websites
Amazing Facts • Doug Batchelor 

  1. Amazing Facts TV (AFTV)

  2. Bible Prophecy Truth

  3. Our Free Online Book Library

  4. Our Free Online Bible School

  5. Bible Universe

  6. Sabbath Truth

  7. The Truth About Death

  8. Hell Truth

  9. Ghost Truth

    Breath of Life

  10. Ministry Magazine Archives

  11. Pastor Tom Hughes
    Bible Biker - Motorcylists

  12. Pioneer Memorial Church • Andrews University 
    Pioneer Memorial Church-TV -Dwight Nelson
    Project Restore - free books and articles to read
    Quiet Hour 
    Religious Liberty 
    Remnant Publications
    Review and Herald Publishing 
    Revival Sermons • Pastor Richard O'Ffill 
    Revival Time Ministries • Pastor Tony Mavrakos 
    Sabbath School Network - Sabbath School Lessons Helps, etc.
    Sabbath School and Personal Ministries
    Sabbath Truth
    SDA Net - Adventist Internet Resources Guide
    Sunset Calendar
    Sunset Table 
    True Step Ministries • Cheri Peters 
    Voice of Prophecy 
    White Horse Media - Steve Wohlberg
    Wyatt Archaeological Research Center 

    8.  Health Links   
    ABC Vege Foods
    Barbara Kerr • Taste of Health 
    Benton Sisters Health Laws and Vegan Cookbooks
    Best Gourmet Recipes
    Famous Vegetarians

  13. Adventist Health Ministries

  14. Health Expo Lifestyle Program - "How to feel better and live longer."
    The Health Reformer 
    Health Ministies - North American Division 
    Health Topics: Project Restore
    Healthier Steps - Vegan Recipes by Michelle Blackwood

  15. Loma Linda University Health

  16. Lifestyle Magazine  - TV program dedicated to the pursuit of better health 
    Natural Remedies Encyclopedia 
    NEWSTART Program  - Health program at Weimar Institute 
    Organic Consumers Association - Info clearinghouse on pure food & food safety.
    SDA Cancer Watch - Cancer prevention and early detection.
    Something Better Natural Foods 
    Uchee Pines Institute - Lifestyle and Health Recovery Center in Alabama.
    Weimar Institute  - promoting the total wellness
    Vibrant Life 


9.  Other Ministries

Andrews University
ASI • Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries
Asian Aid USA 


10.   More Links 

Dr. Benjamin Carson's Speech at National Prayer Breakfast February 7, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson Interview on Fox 
McKee Bakery - Little Debbie Cakes - An Adventist family owned business
Ten Commandments Day
Translation Tool - Websites, etc. - Yahoo 
Translate Websites Into Other Languages 
Translate to and from other languages 
aToday--The Adventist Today website
AIR--an Adventist Internet Resources directory
Positive Life Radio
Adventist Connections
General Conference
SDA Yearbook
Adventist Education Net
Adventist Plusline
Seventh-day Adventist Educational Institutions
Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists
SDA Institutions around the world
Seventh-day Adventist Churches Home Page Directory
Open Directory Index on Seventh-day Adventists


Adventist Media Center 
Battle Creek, MI Tabernacle Service 
Health Seminars Unlimited (hosts of Abundant Living)
ICR Creation Research
Lyle Albrecht • M1 Productions 
NetAserve - Website Hosting - netAdventist
True Step Ministries • Cheri Peters 
Morning Song  - featuring Steve Darmody
Revival Sermons - Richard O'Ffill - uplifting books, Bible tracts, and Bible study tools. - Real hope from God's Word
Adventists Affirm 
American Cassette Ministries 
Audio Bible  
Christian Book Distributors 
Christian Classics Ethereal Library 
Christian Search Engine 
Cyberspace Ministry 
The Unbound Bible - a collection of searchable Bibles  
Other links 


11.  World Campmeeting 2021  ~~

              includes many ministry links and their descriptions