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Get Yourself Together
by Mike Tucker *

The young mother was ready for a few minutes of relaxation after a long and demanding day. However, her young daughter had other plans for her mother’s time.

“Read me a story, Mom,” the little girl requested.

“Give Mommy a few minutes to relax and unwind. Then I’ll be happy to read you a story,” pleaded the mother.

The little girl was insistent that Mommy read to her now. With a stroke of genius, the mother tore off the back page of the magazine she was reading. It contained a full-page picture of the world. As she tore it into several pieces, Mom asked her daughter to put the picture together and then she would read her a story. Surely this would buy her considerable relaxing moments.

A short time later, the little girl announced the completion of her puzzle project. To her astonishment, she found the world picture completely assembled. When she asked her daughter how she managed to do it so quickly, the little girl explained that on the reverse side of the page was the picture of a little girl. “You see, Mommy, when I got the little girl together, the whole world came together.”

If your world seems out of sorts, it may be that the way to improve your situation is to begin with yourself. When you get the girl or the boy together, the world looks better.

But how do we do that? I only know of one way to get the boy together. I must be crucified in Christ and allow Christ to live in me. When that happens, it’s amazing how much better my world looks.

With Love,

*   Mike Tucker is the speaker/director of Faith for Today. 
Article used by permission
Faith Moment
April 18, 2016


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